County to meet with ICNA July 19

Fulfilling a pledge to work with community members, County Planning Commissioner Ed Marx will host a neighborhood meeting to discuss the future of the Indian Creek Woods on:

Wednesday, July 19
7:30 at the Museum of the Earth

The intent of the meeting would be to suggest a few options for the future of the property and to get feedback, Marx told ICNA. He said, “There are no concrete plans for the property at this time so this will be an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts on how we might move forward.”

Marx announced he would host a meeting with the West Hill community on April 6 as he reported to the county legislature’s Planning, Development and Environmental Quality Committee. At that meeting, legislators voted not to renew a realtor’s contract for sale of the 26 acres of woods and wetlands. Marx and legislators said there would be a “brief delay” in re-listing the property so that county officials could look at possible options for the land. They also pledged to work with community members and to hold meetings to “achieve public objectives.”

We hope you’ll be able to attend this meeting to share your thoughts on the important decision of what will happen to 26 acres of public woods, wetlands and wildlife habitat.

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