County holds off on woods sale, vows to work with community

The sale of the Indian Creek woods was put on hold today (April 6, 2017) by county legislators, who pledged to work with community members to determine the ultimate fate of the 25.5 acres of publicly-owned woods and wetlands on West Hill.

The land had been under contract for sale with a realtor since July 2016. The contract has expired with no offers from the local market. At today’s meeting of the Planning, Development and Environmental Quality Committee, county planning commissioner Ed Marx proposed that county legislators NOT renew a sale contract at this time. He said that, after consulting with other county officials, he proposed a “brief delay” of about three months in re-listing the property so that the county could look at possible options for the land. Committee members agreed.

Marx and members of the committee pledged to work with community members in looking at options for the land. He said meetings with the community will be held to “achieve public objectives.”

ICNA member Roy Luft spoke at the beginning of the meeting and urged legislators to preserve the woods and wetlands.

Marx said the planning board would not again propose a large project like the cancelled NRP townhouse development. He said some options the county would look at include a solar farm or a smaller housing development; both projects could utilize up to eight acres of the land.

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