ICNA members make offer to buy woods

Eight members of the Indian Creek Neighborhood Association (ICNA) on Jan. 15 presented a letter of intent to the county legislature with an offer to purchase the 25.5 acres of woods and wetlands at Indian Creek for the purpose of preserving its natural state as a haven for wildlife, a diverse ecological mix of woods, creek and wetlands, a source of oxygen/clean air, and a buffer against downstream erosion and degradation.

The letter was submitted to Dan Klein, chair of the county legislature’s Government Operations Committee. The offer was made contingent on the buyers’ ability to raise the amount offered in firm pledges within three months of its being accepted by the county, among other details.

We sincerely believe that preserving all or most of the Biggs Parcel in a natural state, ultimately under some form of public or semi-public ownership, offers substantial and tangible/economic benefits to County residents, including:

– a less-than-zero carbon footprint;

– no increase in traffic along the already over-burdened Route 96 corridor;

– no need for municipally-financed upgrade of infrastructure;

– preservation of a large, oxygen-positive green parcel and habitat for wildlife;

– no increase in erosion/runoff for downstream property owners and residents; and

– opportunities for low-impact recreation and nature-appreciation, for county residents.

The Government Operations Committee will next meet Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 3 p.m. in the legislature chambers at 121 East Court St.

Because of the strong support ICNA has received over the past two-and-a-half years, we are confident that, if the county legislators respond to our community’s request, we can ensure that these acres of woods and wetlands continue to benefit the public and the environment. Thanks to your efforts, we’ve come this far.

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