Our chance to save the Indian Creek Woods… we need your input!

The proposed sale of the Indian Creek woods on the open market was NOT set in motion at today’s meeting of the county legislature’s Government Operations Committee, chaired by legislator Dan Klein.

After hearing comments from seven members of ICNA (about a dozen were in attendance), and from county planning commissioner Ed Marx, the committee delayed acting on Marx’s proposal to authorize listing the property for sale on the open market, in order to give community members time to come up with a plan to preserve the 26 acres of woods and wetlands.

ICNA will hold a meeting soon so that we may discuss ideas and options to bring to the committee at its next meeting on Nov. 24. We will send you details as soon as the meeting is arranged.

Thanks to the leadership of Dan Klein, our community now has an opportunity to participate in the future of this important parcel of land.

According to Marx, Tompkins County does not maintain unused land and has no ability to manage it; therefore, the county must sell the land. He said it would be too “time-consuming” for the planning office to put together another Request for Proposals for the site. He said the asking price of $340,000 for the land (based on its 2009 assessment) would likely be adjusted based on the extensive wetlands found on the site, and a proposed easement along Indian Creek.

Klein, along with committee members Dooley Kiefer, Dave McKenna and Glenn Morey, determined there was no pressing need to put the property on the market immediately. They responded to the community’s requests for participation in determining the future of the woods.

So — now the ball is in our court. We have worked very hard over the past two years to prevent the 26 acres of woods and wetlands at Indian Creek from being developed. Now we must come up with a plan to preserve this environmentally sensitive area.

Please send your thoughts and ideas to indiancreek@twcny.rr.com, and plan to attend our upcoming meeting to be part of this exciting project to preserve precious green space in the midst of our neighborhood. This is our chance to respond to the crisis of climate change by safeguarding the Cayuga Lake watershed, preserving natural habitat and being responsible stewards of land that is entrusted to our care.

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