Dear Friends of the Indian Creek Woods —

Today (June 24) the Government Operations Committee of the county legislature tabled a motion that would have authorized NRP Properties to submit an application to the Town of Ithaca for its proposed 60-townhouse development at the Indian Creek Woods.

For the first time, members of the county legislature responded to the concerns of citizens who are opposing this large development by an out-of-state investment firm that would irrevocably destroy acres of woodland and wildlife habitat.

The committee is chaired by Nate Shinegawa. Members are Dooley Kiefer (who has supported our efforts in the past), Daniel Klein, David McKenna and Michael Sigler. We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Sigler, who urged committee members to listen to the voices of the people of West Hill and even to meet with the community.

About a dozen ICNA members attended and half spoke to urge the committee not to rubber-stamp another step forward in NRP’s efforts to build the development. Their comments prompted committee members to question the timing and purpose of the resolution.

After discussion, the committee voted 4-1 to table the motion until its next meeting July 22. In the meantime, there will be further consultation with the county attorney and planning staff.

This is a positive step for our efforts. The motion was not passed tonight, which means that this county government committee, at least, is taking a closer look at the community and environmental impact this huge development will cause on West Hill.

Thanks to all our supporters!

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